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Connecting Buyers and Sellers of physical commodities on a global scale


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The "P2Commodities Trading Terminal" is a new state-of-the-art B2B marketplace that supports the trading and management of physical commodities. Are you looking to improve your trade activities for your business in times where margins are decreasing rapidly? If so, you're at the right address. Let us help you leverage technology to bring your business to the next level. We connect Buyers with Sellers while letting our software take care of all the trade related activities. 

We provide you with the necessary tools and marketplace to connect and trade with verified trade counterparties from all over the planet. More liquidity, more options, less costs and a burden off your shoulders, sounds good right?

Members can benefit from our easy-to-use products that provide so much more than only a B2B marketplace would be able to offer. Some of the features available to members include: Product Procurement and Sales, eNegotiating, Electronic Dealmaking, Document Management, our Proprietary Settlement Method and integrated access to the logistics platform "P2Logistics".  

Membership is suitable for all businesses that need, have or produce raw materials and want to take the next step for their business by leveraging technology.



Trading Terminal

We are excited to share the P2Commodities Trading Terminal with you and believe that this product will have a positive impact on the way you do business.

We envision a future where papers, phones and headaches are no longer needed; a future where all of your trade-related activities can be performed easily on one single platform; the P2Commodities Trading Terminal.

Together we can make a difference in the way trading in physical commodities is conducted both globally and locally.

Logistics Platform 

Members of P2Commodities Trading Terminal have automatic access to the Logistics Bidding Platform "P2Logistics" to easily arrange their logistical needs.

Arranging logistics to transport physical commodities will be a breeze through P2Logistics. Receive multiple offers from verified logistics companies who want to fulfil your logistical needs at the best possible price.

No more need to start calling and emailing for quotes, this ain't the 90's anymore afterall.

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The only thing we ask in return is your honest product feedback in order for us to improve the product for you, sounds good right? 


Our Mission

P2Commodities is on a mission to advance and improve the way trade in physical commodities is conducted globally by providing great technology and establishing a global network of businesses that trade physical commodities.

We envision a radically different and more efficient trade value chain by providing companies advanced technology that is easy to implement and use. A paperless future where all of your trade-related activities can be arranged from one single platform while having a global network of potential trade partners available to you is what we are working towards.

Our success will be measured by the value we add to our customers.

Some of Our Features

1 Cross-Platform Availability 7 Full Control over Issued Offers and Ongoing Trades
2 Intuitive User-Friendly Interface 8 Fully Encrypted Client-Server Communication
3 Real-Time Offer Placement Processing 9 Completely Integrated Trade-Cycle Activities
4 Built-in Notification System 10 Real-Time Market Overview and Price Insight
5 Expert-Level Security Standards 11 Automated Generation of Trade Documents
6 Professional Account Management 12 Electronic Negotiations and Signing of Documents


Who can benefit from our products?

P2Commodities is a value-adding product for a wide range of businesses. Since we focus on supporting physical non-perishable commodities on our platform, we are able to provide you with a great network of different types of companies with varying needs. Building and having a diverse network provides members with both product procurement sources as well as sales revenue streams within the same platform. P2Commodities Trading Terminal is made for basically every business that utilizes raw materials, amongst them:

  • Mining Companies
  • Ore processors
  • Primary Processing Companies
  • Secondary Processing Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Recycling Facilities

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