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About P2Commodities

P2Commodities is a software company offering innovative products and services to businesses active in the commodities sector. Our flagship product, P2Commodities Trading Terminal, is a B2B marketplace of verified members on which businesses can actively trade and manage the procurement and sale of their products. We offer a full suite of tools to facilitate all trade related activities which allows businesses of any size to transition into a global powerhouse by leveraging technology. Through this platform you will be able to arrange everything, from product procurement/sales to selecting and contracting your logistics partner.

Since its founding in 2013, P2Commodities has been working hard on building products and services that will positively impact the way global trade works. To us it seemed incredible that arguably the most important industry, with its multi-trillion dollar market size, still uses old-fashioned methods to procure and sell commodities, contract with counterparties and arrange services ranging from logistics to insurance. After experiencing and taking a good look at the currently used trading methods we have come up with a novel way of trading that is more secure, faster and simpler to use for every involved trading party.

We are here to disrupt the current model and provide companies and organisations that use commodities with one integrated secure platform. By becoming a member of the P2Commodities Community, you do not only become part of a great network but more importantly you will be directly involved with creating a positive impact on global trade. Change can only succeed when we collectively support improvement and progress.

We want our members to be able to focus on their business and take away a large part of the unnecessary burdens they currently encounter with trading. Through our proprietary developed members-only platform, members can reduce their time and cost of buying/selling commodities while having complete control and enjoying the much needed security in the electronic age. You will enjoy the benefits of having a full-circle value chain giving you countless sources to procure products from as well as sell your own products to.    

Our Mission

P2Commodities is on a mission to advance and improve the way trade in physical commodities is conducted globally by providing great technology and establishing a global network of businesses that trade physical commodities.

We envision a radically different and more efficient trade value chain by providing companies advanced technology that is easy to implement and use. A paperless future where all of your trade-related activities can be arranged from one single platform while having a global network of potential trade partners available to you is what we are working towards.

Our success will be measured by the value we add to our customers.

Some of Our Features

1 Cross-Platform Availability 7 Full Control over Issued Offers and Ongoing Trades
2 Intuitive User-Friendly Interface 8 Fully Encrypted Client-Server Communication
3 Real-Time Offer Placement Processing 9 Completely Integrated Trade-Cycle Activities
4 Built-in Notification System 10 Real-Time Market Overview and Price Insight
5 Expert-Level Security Standards 11 Automated Generation of Trade Documents
6 Professional Account Management 12 Electronic Negotiations and Signing of Documents


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