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P2Commodities Trading Terminal


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Product Sourcing

Place or find product buy/sell offers in as little as 30 seconds

eNegotiate Terms That Fit

Put your phones and email on hold; Structurally negotiate the offer terms through the P2C Trading Terminal and arrive to favourable conditions fast

eSign Contracts

Why use pen and paper? eSign your contracts securely and send them to your trade partner through the platform within seconds

Secure Settlement

Our settlement method provides You safety, saves you money and takes away a load of headaches

Arrange Logistics with a Click

Members have direct access to the Logistics Platform "P2Logistics". This will give you the best price and saves you the hassle of contacting different Logistics providers.


P2Commodities Trading Terminal is the first and only platform to offer a fully integrated trade-cycle solution for trading in physical commodities. The P2C Trading Terminal is a verified members-only trading environment, ensuring that all of our members can trade with confidence.

P2Commodities is working hard every day towards a paperless commodities trading future, starting by offering the P2Commodities Trading Terminal and direct access to the P2Logistics platform. Since we value our Members more than anything, we are eager to listen and implement excellent innovative proposals that will enhance our products and services. 

Our product offers you solutions for trade-related activities ranging from procurement and sales to selecting the best logistics company to fulfil shipping. Below we offer you a general overview of our process. In the knowledge base you can find further information on most matters and we will make sure to keep adding information for your benefit.

Some of Our Features

1 Cross-Platform Availability 7 Full Control over Issued Offers and Ongoing Trades
2 Intuitive User-Friendly Interface 8 Fully Encrypted Client-Server Communication
3 Real-Time Offer Placement Processing 9 Completely Integrated Trade-Cycle Activities
4 Built-in Notification System 10 Real-Time Market Overview and Price Insight
5 Expert-Level Security Standards 11 Automated Generation of Trade Documents
6 Professional Account Management 12 Electronic Negotiations and Signing of Documents


Who can benefit from our products?

P2Commodities is a value-adding product for a wide range of businesses. Since we focus on supporting physical non-perishable commodities on our platform, we are able to provide you with a great network of different types of companies with varying needs. Building and having a diverse network provides members with both product procurement sources as well as sales revenue streams within the same platform. P2Commodities Trading Terminal is made for basically every business that utilizes raw materials, amongst them:

  • Mining Companies
  • Ore processors
  • Primary Processing Companies
  • Secondary Processing Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Recycling Facilities

Our Process


We offer our members the opportunity to easily and accurately place and source product offers. Placing an offer can be done in less than a minute. A member can both place Buy and Sell Offers of all supported commodities on the P2Commodities Trading Terminal. Your offers will be automatically matched through our matching engine according to your set standards. In case you do not want to place an offer but just see what is currently available, you can just perform a manual search. Since this is a verified members-only trading environment, you can rest assured that the trading partners will be of a high standard. 

  • Users can place both Buy and Sell offers in a structured way, deciding yourself on the variables
  • Users can freely search for open offers
  • The Platform facilitates the deal negotiating process by limiting the communication to a structured discussion of variables
  • Constant updates on any activity relating to your offers
  • Automated Matching engine that matches your issued offers to all the open offers on the platform
  • Offer Overview to follow up the progress in a central place



Gone are the days you need multiple calls and emails to arrange mutually acceptable offer terms. We designed a structured negotiating process through which it is possible to adept deal terms effortlessly. You will now have access to a whole community of potential trade partners while taking away the effort and time consuming job of finding decent counterparties and negotiate terms with them in an unstructured way. 




Once you and your counterparty agree on all terms, you move on to the contracting phase. The P2C Trading Terminal automatically generates legally sound contracts that are in compliance with United Nations guidelines on international trade. The P2Commodities Trading Terminal creates the contracts for you based on the offer terms you and your counterparty agreed on. Our technology allows you to securely sign the contracts electronically so you won't even have to print it out. A task that normally takes days or even weeks now becomes one of minutes. Not only is this a faster method but it is infinitely safer than using pen and paper.



Through our in-house developed settlement procedures, contracting members can now swiftly and securely settle their trade. Buyers will be able to securely get the product title while sellers will be sure to receive their payment before the product title will be released. We pride ourselves with providing an alternative settlement method that makes it faster, more secure and less costly for traders to get their product title or payment. Our goal is to lessen the paper burden of our members while making the entire settlement process faster, easier and more secure. We use external custodians and warehouses as part of our settlement procedures in order for us to remain completely neutral in the trade and to ensure you a safe settlement. We will at no point hold any deposit from the buyer nor the product title of the seller, you will be in full control from the beginning of the trade until the end.

As a member you enjoy the simplicity to create, receive, process and transfer unique documents securely. We are tackling the currently used outdated system of using physical documents to settle a trade. You can follow the progress of your trade and check which tasks still need to be performed by you, your counterparty or any other involved party. P2Commodities created a faster and more secure settlement method that will allow members to save significant amounts of time, money and headaches. Sellers and buyers are assured to receive their payment and product title respectively within a few days.


We offer our Members integrated access to our proprietary developed Logistics Bidding Platform "P2Logistics". Trade data that is relevant to logistics providers will be transformed into a "logistics offer" on which Approved Logistics Providers can bid to fulfil the Logistical Needs of the Member. Members are assured to receive a democratically fair price offer and do not have to worry about all the paperwork, everything can be managed from within our platform.




Supported Products

We support a plethora of products that can be traded on the P2Commodities Trading Terminal ranging from mined ores to recycling products. Supported products share the characteristic of being non-perishable and usually recyclable. We hope to create a positive impact on the environment by encouraging the reuse of products through recycling. Recycling facilities and businesses that buy recycled products enjoy reduced trade service fees. We will soon provide a detailed supported product list here on our website so make sure to become a pre-launch member or check back regularly.


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