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Reviving the B2B Marketplace


Nowadays we can’t imagine our lives without the Internet. But only some 50 years ago, businessmen had a really complicated time developing a successful business network. In addition to the endless paper work, they traveled frequently to meet with clients around the world, rent rooms for meetings, and spend loads of time to create an effective advertising to attract customers. Today, we can say that business can be conducted more efficiently due to B2B portals.

The importance of encryption during eNegotiation


Suppose that you would like to buy an over the counter product (OTC) such as scrap metals. You have found a counterparty which is deemed to be reliable after due diligence. During eNegotiation some counterparty related identity risks remain. In this blogpost we will discuss some of the common techniques used by criminals to exploit these vulnerabilities. We also describe how encryption is used by the P2commodities Trading Terminal to protect our customers.

3 Reasons why B2B marketplaces are succeeding today v.s. the catastrophic Dotcom era


Jamaa El Fna, Marrakech - Unesco protected marketplace

B2B marketplaces popped up like mushrooms in the late 90’s and early 2000. Exuberance, a narrow product focus and limitations in technology wiped out most of these marketplaces in as little as 2 years time. As high as the valuations and promises of these marketplaces went in the past, they fell just as deep during the burst of the Dotcom bubble. Today we see a completely different world where it is actually possible to deliver on the imagination and promises of the past.

How SME’s trading physical commodities locally can become global players.


For SME’s in the recycling industry, sourcing and selling product locally is usually the norm. An SME creates a network of trade partners with whom you work on a regular basis over time, which is great. The negative side of trading only on a local scale with a fixed network of trade partners is the limitations on liquidity and you won’t get the best possible price. Imagine buying/selling government bonds and the only people you’d be able to sell to or buy from are your neighbors. The neighbor basically can set any price he wants and decide when to buy/sell while there are millions of other potential buyers of sellers of these bonds around the world. Wouldn’t it be great if you can simply connect to businesses all over the world allowing your company to buy and sell physical commodities at optimum prices?

Boxes - Where do we fit in?


A Trading Terminal? Procurement and Sales? Document management? eNegotiating & eSigning? Logistics platform? B2B Marketplace? Exhange?

You might have some trouble wrapping your head around what exactly P2Commodities has got to offer to the world after going through our website. Do not worry about a thing, this is completely normal. At P2Commodities we wanted to avoid writing a book in the form of a website and bombard you with information that you would most likely skip through at first sight, or even worse; just close the window. This blog serves the purpose of being a tool to communicate in a less formal way with people interested in our company and the commodities trading sector in general.

Introducing P2Commodities


This seems to be a suitable time to introduce ourselves. P2Commodities was founded in 2013 with a mission to advance the trade processes of physical commodities worldwide. Out of personal experience as traders in physical commodities we grew aware of the old-fashioned ways the sector works, still using methods developed decades ago. The sector didn’t see many innovative initiatives over the years to improve the processes up until now.

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